3 LA Rams topics we should discuss more after Week 3

Okay, the LA Rams aren’t perfect yet. Did you really expect them to be? This is a team that, like the winners of Super Bowl LVI, has faced a lot of adversity. And so far, thankfully, the team has continued to find ways to win despite the constant stream of challenges. But that didn’t really spark much of our discussion, did it?

Maybe my circle is overloaded with skeptics, but so far this season a lot of the talk that’s been directed at me has been more about what the LA Rams aren’t shining at, and less about what this team does quite well.

Up to a point, that’s fine. Unload. Take it off your chest. But when it’s a repeating cycle, it starts to become a darkening cloud over a team that should be getting a lot more feedback on what that team is doing to win games. The LA Rams win. While the Rams’ opponents’ combined record is just 4-5, keep in mind that the Rams are responsible for two of those losses. At this point in the season, we just don’t know how good the Rams’ opponents can be.

That also goes for the San Francisco 49ers (1-2) this week. If the Rams win, how many will then take the position that the 49ers, now at 1-3, were really no real test for the Rams? If the Rams lose and the 49ers come back to .500 with a 2-2 record, then is that a real test the Rams couldn’t overcome? As for me, I prefer to focus on what the LA Rams are doing right now. Such as?

Topic III: The LA Rams offensive line is starting to gel

Despite the fact that the LA Rams will be playing their fourth week of football without having the same five starting players in a week so far, the Rams offensive line is starting to gel. We’ve been tracking the performance of LA Rams offensive linemen so far this season on a weekly basis, and despite the horrific performance in Week 1, the unit has rebounded quite well.

Perhaps even more visibly, the Rams offense has put up 51 points over the past two games and averaged 5.0 yards per carry plus multiple rushing touchdowns in Week 3. The last time the offense has managed as many ground games as it was in Week 8 Houston Texans, played October 31, 2021. That’s nearly a year later.

While it might seem like something long overdue for this proud rushing offense, it happened again. So why are we talking about it?