A ‘mother load’ of topics: Mummy Mingle’s discussion focuses on maternal health | Way of life

A choir of mothers enjoyed a night out, donned their best outfits and showed up for “Mummy Mingle” at the Hyundai showroom last Friday, for an evening of “mumosas” and conversation, courtesy of Young Mummy Diaries.

Under the theme “Reset, Renew, Reimagine: A Post-COVID Conversation”, the evening’s guest speakers, Kamila McDonald and Dr. Kai Morgan, discussed the importance of health and well-being as a mother. .

During the mingle’s heartfelt chat segment, Young Mummy Diaries host, founder, and mum-in-charge Tamiann Young explained that the purpose of the event was for all mums to network, share their stories, and see how one mother’s story could help another find the solution to family woes, or simply point a mother on the path to healing.

Talk to Alive, Young said, “My core belief is that if we are going to heal a nation, it starts with one mother at a time. The intention and vision behind the organization is to organize and create events where real change happens. Where real conversations and advocacy lead to raising the level of discussion about parenthood beyond lip service, and thereby influence policy change around motherhood and parenthood.

She added: ‘That’s why I asked Dr Morgan, a clinical psychologist, to be on my panel. It was up to us to discuss the realities of motherhood, for example, how a traumatized person reacts to pregnancy; and also why I extended an invitation to the Minister of State for the Department of Health and Welfare, Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn, who is primarily responsible for maternal health.

She expressed that conversations surrounding maternal health should take a 360-degree approach to a mother and her mental psyche, her environment, her support, her health, and how the country supports her. All the mothers present approved of this and were swarming with questions related to their own experiences and challenges.

Young urged her audience of mothers to eliminate the fear of being part of the change needed. “We have to start somewhere. Some of us are visionaries, and while we may not live long enough to see some things come true, it’s important for us to put things in place,” she said.

Which Cuthbert-Flynn accepted. Speaking of the Department of Health’s plans, she said that one of the things that will be put in place is a hotline which according to Dr Christopher Tufton’s sector presentation will require them to employ a call center to respond to the large number of calls. which are expected daily. She also shared that several professionals will make themselves available to take calls.

“One of the main things we’re talking about lately is mental well-being, [so] I’m glad you brought this up because post-lockdown I think it’s an important topic,” Cuthbert-Flynn said. Noting that one of the areas assigned to her in the Ministry of Health and Welfare is maternal health, she continued to speak about postpartum depression as it relates to the mental health of mothers, whether they whether they are new to the idea of ​​mothering a child or whether they have experience raising children.

“A lot of people live in silence and don’t know what it is (postpartum depression). We need to educate more women who don’t know what they’re going through. We need to serve our women better. I think we need to connect women after having babies in hospital with a counselor to give them some kind of help,” she said.

She argues, from a holistic perspective, that educating mothers and providing services such as postpartum counseling will help prevent or alleviate cases of depression seen in mothers.


Dr. Morgan began his part of the discussion by saying that to reinvent one’s life and lifestyle one must first be able to reset and renew oneself. “Take something and do it with the intention that you’re going to start doing it tonight, or tomorrow morning at the latest, to try to change some of that overwhelm that you’re feeling,” she explained.

She also said that as mothers, women are constantly reinventing themselves at different stages of their lives; So while it may seem like a challenge to reset and renew, it’s about moving the energy and power to tap into a new space.

Meanwhile, McDonald, who was not just a guest speaker but prepared the event with vegan dishes from her restaurant, Kamila’s Kitchen, focused on the wellness approach.

Supporting Dr Morgan’s statement, she said: “We are much more powerful than we realize, to create the changes we desire for our lives.”

“Just show yourself in love. We don’t need to exercise because we hate our bodies, we don’t need to eat right because we hate our bodies, but we need to train and eat better because we love our bodies. We need to connect with each other because we love each other and because we always want to think of ourselves better and show ourselves better. So keep working and it will add up. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish when you prioritize and love yourself,” McDonald continued.

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