San Juan Capistrano, CA – In its continuing quest to provide a dedicated home and expanded voice for the ten million American and Canadian golfers sixty and older, Fore! Sixty Golf creates the first online forum to address the specific issues of adult golfers. Although older golfers play twice as many rounds a year as the average golfer and are arguably more passionate about their favorite pastime, Fore! Sixty believes the golf industry often overlooks this key segment while cultivating a youthful, touring celebrity vibe. What is not debatable is that the game is different for older golfers who typically face a myriad of age-related challenges such as reduced flexibility, strength and endurance, as well as vision, diabetes, arthritis, joint pain and balance problems. For example, according to Trackman Golf, the average male golfer has a swing speed of 93 mph which drops to just 75-80 mph for the typical 70 year old amateur golfer.

The new Fore! The Sixty Forum for Adult Golfers will reside on its website and will feature a combination of expert and daily golfer posts on a wide variety of topics including golf equipment, wellness/ pain relief, golf trips and fitness/nutrition. There will also be a forum dedicated to women golfers aged sixty and over, again the only one of its kind in the industry. Subject matter experts including Fore! Sixty Hall of Fame residents, golf pro Mike Wydra, US Golf Labs president Gene Parente, wellness expert Lena Ackerman, sports nutrition author Amy Goodson and Yoga for golfer author Katherine Roberts among others who should have a regular presence.

Before ! Sixty was created by two successful entrepreneurs in their sixties, Jim Plumb and Ralph Fascitelli, with strong athletic backgrounds and an ongoing, if often “one-sided” love affair with the game of golf. According to Plumb, “the front! The Sixty Forum is an important part of our mission to have an open and mutually beneficial dialogue with mature golfers, along with our podcasts, instructional videos, newsletters and Facebook page. We created Fore! Sixty to be an online community for avid golfers like us who want to do everything reasonably possible to improve their game and who will appreciate the convenience of a single online location dedicated exclusively to their unique needs.”

Before ! Sixty’s “resident pro” is legendary Mike Wydra, former coach at the University of California, San Diego and inductee into the Golf Coaches of America Hall of Fame. Wydra coached the UCSD golf team for over thirty years and qualified them for the NCAA championship 21 times, including the D-III National title in 1993. Mike is known for his holistic approach to the game of golf , including proper nutrition and physical fitness.

Before ! Sixty is a one-of-a-kind online clubhouse exclusively designed for the unique needs of golfers aged sixty and over. Our mission is to inform, educate and motivate the ten million adult golfers in the United States and Canada on the best ways to counter longevity trade-offs in order to optimize their scores and enjoy their pass- favorite time. Our team of first-class advisors will provide a wide range of original holistic advice ranging from golf instruction, course management and industry metrics as well as nutrition, fitness and health management. pain. Interested parties, potential partners and the press wishing to learn more should contact Ralph Fascitelli at [email protected] Before ! Sixty also supports a dedicated Facebook page @foresixtygolf for the latest relevant news and discussions.

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