Applying for a Home Loan, Online

Today, we can handle your finances more conveniently: Good Finance Bank is the first domestic financial institution where you do not need to be a bank customer if you want to borrow completely online.

You can apply for a personal loan of up to $ 3 million without having to go out into the street; every step of the process can be done from home with just a few clicks and video identification. Let’s see the details and go through the process!

What do you need? Recalculate!


As with most banks, Good Finance calculates the loan application process. You need to set the amount of credit you need – you can currently apply for between $ 100,000 and $ 100,000 online. Next, you need to tell us how much installment you can take each month, depending on how long the loan is.

Then you have two simple questions to answer:

  • if you reach $ 300,000 in your monthly net income,
  • Do you want to credit at least $ 100 in monthly income to your Good Finance bank account?

If both questions are answered yes, you can get the best deal. This means that for a $ 1 million loan, the monthly installment for a 60-month term will be $ 20,033. The APR, that is, the total APR, is 8.83 percent, and the total repayment amount is $ 1,229,948. If the net income only condition is met, your monthly installment will increase to $ 20,997, and if your monthly income is less than $ 300,000 net, but your Good Finance bank account will receive at least $ 100,000 per month, then the installment will be $ 22,239. If you do not meet either of these conditions, the repayment will be $ 50.

To get a good interest throughout your term, keep your Good Finance bank account up to date and meet the $ 100 minimum credit every month.

Enter your personal information!


To continue applying for a loan, you must provide the following information:

  • basic data,
  • contact information (you must confirm your email address and phone number)
  • what purpose do you want to borrow,
  • income data,
  • what are your existing monthly debts (if you already have existing loans) and expenses,
  • your living conditions,
  • what is your marital status and education
  • bank account number: The bank will transfer a minimum amount ($ 1) here, and you’ll need the 8-digit code in your bank transfer notice to identify you.
  • Once you have provided the information, the Good Finance system will verify it and video identification will begin. This includes brief information about your credit application, and then you will need to provide your personal information and documents. Once this is done and we have accepted the necessary statements, the administrator will confirm your identity and we can continue to claim.

Online contracting and digital signing

Online contracting and digital signing

Once you have accepted and approved the bank’s loan offer, you will be able to digitally sign the loan agreement using the code provided by Good Finance.

You don’t have to bring any paper to the branch and mail the signed documents so you can complete the application process online.

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