B20 unveils blueprint for women’s empowerment platform

In the 2022 G20 B20 WiBAC Dialogue, we discussed the outcome document of the B20 WiBAC Policy and Action Recommendation…

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The G20 Business 20 (B20) 2022 Women in Business Action Council (WiBAC) has unveiled the One Global Women Empowerment (OGWE) blueprint for stakeholder collaboration to support women’s empowerment efforts. women.

“In the WiBAC 2022 G20 B20 Dialogue, we discussed the outcome document of the B20 WiBAC Policy and Action Recommendation as well as the launch of the One Global Women Empowerment Platform Blueprint to Advance Inclusive Global Economic Growth , resilient and sustainable in empowering women,” WiBAC President Ira Noviarti said in a statement released Thursday.

Many great opportunities could be tapped if women had equal chances to participate in the economic sector, she noted.

In the outcome document of the policy and action recommendation, the dialogue forum outlined three key efforts to improve women’s equal participation in the business sector.

The first effort aims to empower women entrepreneurs by developing an ecosystem that can provide access to financial, legal and technical assistance to business actors.

The second effort is to increase women’s digital skills and leadership. At the same time, the third effort aims to promote the creation of a fair and safe environment for women workers in the informal economy, including people living in rural areas.

In addition, Noviarti noted the importance of collaboration between all stakeholders, including industry players, government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), investors, philanthropists, service providers and society. company, to concretize the efforts.

“The concrete steps we have taken through the G20 B20 WiBAC 2022 Policy and Action Recommendation and the One Global Women Empowerment Platform require the participation of all stakeholders,” she added. .

As one of the legacies of the B20, OGWE aims to increase the capacity and empowerment of women businesswomen by improving their digital skills, knowledge sharing, financing and investment, technical support , as well as supporting policies.

B20 is the official dialogue forum for the global business community to provide practical policy recommendations from a business perspective to the G20.

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