Best Payday Loan Deals If You Need New Equipment For School

It is not easy for the wallet to start school if the child is now in first grade. Schooling usually equates to financial bankruptcy, a huge burden, especially if several children are starting school at the same time.

Depending on what the family cashier can afford, the cost can be as high as hundreds of thousands of forints. That’s when most parents decide it’s time to put up a little time in the nursery. This means at least a new desk and a chair attached to it, but most do not stop here: there are people who buy a computer at this time, maybe a bigger bed or other, more serious furniture.

Along with home renovation?


No wonder parents are looking for outside financing, ie, trying to finance a start-up loan with a cheap loan. It is understandable that typically there is not too much money left after a holiday, but it can also happen that in a smoke you will be renovating your entire apartment for the winter and will be borrowing more.

Fortunately, today we do not need to put our home at risk if we want to borrow more for home renovation. More and more banks are offering payday loans of up to HUF 10 million, which requires just one income certificate, no own resources or collateral required.

These are the winning offers

These are the winning offers

To find the cheapest payday loan, we recommend the Good Finance Loan Calculator, which allows you to rank loan offers free of charge by installment, APR or total repayment. In addition to the results of the calculator, it is worth paying attention to the actions available, as this will give you an even cheaper loan. Good Finance has collected some of the best deals in August:

E-Money Bank: The financial institution came out with a fairly good offer to new clients in early August. Now, without the transfer of income, we can get the benefits of having to open a checking account elsewhere. The APR is only 9 percent if we raise at least $ 1 million and can justify a regular $ 250,000 net income. From a net income of $ 100,000, you can get a 12.3 percent APR without a credit limit. According to Good Finance’s calculations, this is the best deal on the market right now if we don’t want to transfer our payment to another bank.

Good bank: Good bank is still offering the Price Guarantee. If, under the same conditions, we find a cheaper loan from another bank within 5 days of disbursement, and we promise to do so, Good bank will reduce our loan contract to a lower interest rate.

Do not control the actions


However, we also note that interest rates should not be the sole basis for decisions. The full rate of credit should be the guiding principle and how much installment we can pay even without a problem in the long run.

Do you need a different type of loan or a larger amount? With Good Finance loan calculator, you can easily find the best loans, whether for a small purchase or for a home.

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