BOLT Bus Services among Topics at Lacombe County Meeting –

At the regular Lacombe County Council meeting on June 23, many topics were discussed including BOLT bus services, the five-year recreational capital plan and county reserve lands. Here are the main highlights:


In accordance with a recent request from the Town of Blackfalds asking the county to provide consent and support for the use of two regional Blackfalds On-Demand Local Transit (BOLT) bus stops in the Aspelund Industrial Park, the following resolution received Board approval:

That Lacombe County provide a letter to the Town of Blackfalds:

  • 1. authorizing their provision of the BOLT service in the Aspelund Industrial Park and confirming consent and support for the two regional bus stops located on private property owned by Eagle Builders in the Aspelund Industrial Park, and
  • 2. Provide consent and support for the use of Lacombe County roads within the Aspelund Industrial Park for BOLT service.

Five-Year Recreational Capital Plan 2023 to 2027

In 2021, Council approved the first five-year recreational capital plan. The plan is reviewed annually to ensure areas of greatest need are prioritized. In 2022, a project was identified: the replacement of the toilets at Sunbreaker Cove.

An overview of the projects proposed for the five-year plan 2023-2027 was presented. The areas identified are of strategic importance and heavily used. All proposed funding sources are subject to Board approval during the annual budget process. The five-year recreational capital plan for 2023-2027 was approved as presented.


Lacombe County Policy RC(8) Use and Management of County Reserve Land outlines how the county manages land designated as a municipal reserve, environmental reserve, and reserve. Inspections are currently being carried out on county reserve lands to ensure that reserve lands are being managed in accordance with county policy. A report was presented outlining 1) the delays in managing the reserve; 2) Inspections and findings; 3) Challenges; and 4) Future steps.

COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE The following recommendations from the Committee of the Whole meeting held on June 13, 2022 received Board approval:

• That the county director be responsible for preparing a report regarding the programs and initiatives of the educational component provided by Inside Education; and further, that this report be presented at a future Council meeting.

•That the presentation and discussion with the RCMP representatives be received for information.

•That the presentation on the county evaluation process be received for information.

•That the report on recreational and cultural programming be received for information: and further; that the County Executive be directed to review the RC(6) Library Support Policy and report on this review at a future council meeting.

•That the discussion regarding the Rules of Procedure be received for information. •That the discussion on Truth and Reconciliation be received for information; and further, that Council be authorized to attend the September 30, 2022 presentation regarding Truth and Reconciliation.

•That discussion regarding incentive programs for businesses located or coming to Lacombe County be received for information.

•That the discussion on the potential boat launch on the southwest side of Sylvan Lake be received for information.

• That the discussion on permits for one-time promotional events be received for information

**With information provided by Lacombe County