‘Bounty Hunters’ Use Online Forum to Track Down Abortion Helpers in Texas

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A Reddit forum was shut down after self-proclaimed “bounty hunters” used it to share advice on how to report and identify those who break a Texas law banning abortions.

The hugely controversial law, known as TX SB8, went into effect in Texas on September 1 and bans most abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which typically occurs around six weeks.

The law allows civilians to sue anyone they believe performs an abortion or helps someone to have an abortion after that time and even offers a bounty for doing so, with those who sue being rewarded with $ 10,000 more. attorney fees.

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Following the introduction of the law, anti-abortionists started a Reddit thread called r / TXBountyHunters, which was dedicated to “sharing tips on identifying, reporting and collecting bounties on those who violate the law. Texas law TX SB8 ”, Vice reports.

One of the 68 group members shared a message asking their fellow “bounty hunters” if it would be “unethical to collect bounties from a criminal I impregnated?” – a question slammed by healthcare advocate Kendall Brown.

Several weeks ago I was having a beer and shooting pool at the local waterhole and chatting with a cute waitress. One thing in mind [sic] to another and by the time the sun rose, we had become sinners in the sight of the good Lord […]

A few weeks later, she contacted me to tell me that we had designed and brought the world to life. Corn […] she told me it was her wish to terminate the pregnancy […]

Would it be unethical by bounty hunting standards if I had to transport her from the clinic directly to the county sheriff?

Sharing the post, Brown wrote: “On day one of Texas’ new abortion law and men are already strategizing on Reddit on how to make the women they have impregnated to earn the 10,000 bounty. $. Who could have seen this coming? (Everyone. The answer is everyone.) ‘

Another article, cited by Initiated, saw one member claim that the law opened up a “whole new arena of income” for private citizens, adding: “We are here to capitalize on it.

Reddit quickly put a stop to sharing “advice” and banned the community the same day it was created, citing the platform’s anti-harassment rules, though this isn’t the only place anti-abortion activists turn to share information.

Anonymous reporting sites have also been set up by anti-abortion groups for those seeking to speak out against people in their community who wish to have an abortion, with Texas Right to Life launching a site last month that asked “pro-life whistleblowers “to submit advice.

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