Candidates for the Jefferson City School Board of Education discuss several topics, including teacher compensation and critical race theory

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COLUMBIA, Missouri (KMIZ.)

The four nominees from the Jefferson City School Board of Education shared their thoughts and discussed several topics at a nominee forum hosted by the News Tribune.

The forum included Adam Gresham, Marc Ellinger, Anne Bloemke-Warren and Erika Leonard.

The four candidates are seeking the two open positions at the Jefferson City Board of Education.

Some of the topics discussed by the candidates were critical theory of race in the school district and teacher compensation.

ABC 17 found teacher compensation to be a topic where candidates shared similar opinions.

Teacher compensation:

Erika Leonard

“We need to do better to continue paying teachers who have been invested in this district, who are performing well, and start paying teachers to attract quality educators.”

Marc Ellinger

“I strongly believe that we need to increase the salaries of great teachers and I think we should look at incentives, I think we should look at ways to find savings in administration.”

Anne Bloemke-Warren

“If we don’t invest in our teachers, there is no one behind them who can provide the service they provide every day.”

Adam Gresham

“We need to reward teachers and pay teachers for it. Great teachers should definitely be paid more, but part of their overall compensation that we talk about to keep and retain teachers is hiring good teachers and trusting them” . .

The candidates also spoke about their perspective on critical race theory in the school district.

Critical Race Theory:

Erika Leonard:

“CRT is not taught here, it’s not a problem, it’s not something we do”.

Mark Ellinger:

“We should teach I think it’s really good. We shouldn’t teach anyone that because of the color of your skin you are a better or worse person”

Anne Bloemke-Warren

“Yes, we should teach a specific story, I think we need to include more perspectives than just the perspective we taught.”

Adam Gresham:

“I don’t believe anyone is consistently oppressive or inherently oppressive, and teachers shouldn’t be teaching that in a classroom.”

The election will take place on April 5.

To learn more about the topics discussed by each contestant in the forum, you can click on the live stream link above.