CFC Big Ideas hosts online forum on global inclusion

CFC Big Ideas, an international communications consultancy, announced the second annual online forum on global inclusion, which will take place from May 20-27, 2021 and will bring together more than 5,000 of the world’s top leaders in diversity and inclusion, HR and D&I consultants. activists as well as business owners and managers looking for ways to make their businesses more inclusive.

The Forum’s sponsors are Moody’s, a global integrated risk assessment company, and Mind Gym, behavior change specialists.

The idea for the Global Inclusion Forum as an offline event was started by Anna Krys, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at CFC Big Ideas, who joined CFC in May 2019.

However, the outbreak of the Black Lives Matter movement last year and its undeniable impact on US and global businesses along with Covid-19 quarantine restrictions prompted the team to move it to an online format.

“When Covid-19 hit the planet, we realized it was crucial to create a global platform where the world’s best D&I practitioners could share their best cases and act together to overcome this global challenge. Our mission is to bring together people passionate about diversity & inclusion and to prove that DEIs are tools for the development of businesses, societies and growth catalysts “,

said Anna, organizer of the Forum.

“In light of the events of 2020 in the United States that resonated around the world, more and more senior executives are realizing the need to disseminate knowledge about diversity and inclusion among all departments, divisions , offices and functional departments of their companies. Our Forum is a powerful global platform for the world’s best practitioners, which enables them to effectively share their knowledge with the rest of the business world “,

said Konstantin Gridin, CFC Big Ideas partner and Forum organizer.

GIOF 2020 has covered all time zones, proving its truly global character. Speakers at the Forum were representatives of the world’s largest organizations and businesses, including UN Women, United Nations Foundation, Wikimedia Foundation, Amazon, Bloomberg LP, Danone, Deloitte, EY, IBM, IKEA Group, Pfizer, SAP , Sodexo, Wipro and others.

This year, we aim to reach over 5,000 attendees and over 80 speakers to make a global impact. The GIOF will be joined by executives from Microsoft, Moody’s, Forbes, GitLab, Smile Brands, Salesforce, Mind Gym, PwC and others.

During more than 40 hours of sessions, they will present their ideas, solutions and advice that participants can integrate into their professional and personal life.

The week-long program of the event includes two days of lectures, panel discussions and a startup competition, followed by six days of hands-on workshops. In addition, this year we have added the Inclusion Business Awards, the online exhibit and a special “100 Words on Diversity and Inclusion” project to the program.

GIOF guests will be immersed in the themes of building inclusion through technology, creating a corporate culture free from prejudice and discrimination and breaking stereotypes in the practice of recruitment and employment. .

CFC Big Ideas, organizer of the event, is an international consulting firm in strategic communication. Founded in 2003, the company has made a name for itself by implementing international BIG IDEA projects. CFC’s portfolio includes public initiatives carried out on the sidelines of the Davos annual meeting, the G20 summit in Argentina, the United Nations General Assembly as well as other international initiatives.