Christmas at Good Finance: Hungarians’ Favorite Free Loan

The biggest attraction remained: THM is still 0 percent, so the loan is completely free. We checked if there was a lowercase part.

After Hungary’s first completely free personal loan, Good Finance will continue the campaign, albeit in a slightly different way. Starting today, you can apply for an Personal Payday Loan for new clients who take out a $ 200,000 to $ 440,000 loan from their credit institution by December 23.

From time to time, it is worth comparing the banks’ offers, as a smartly selected quick loan can keep tens of thousands in your wallet. Use our calculator and choose the best deal!

So with the Personal Payday loan, you can add $ 50 more to your total credit, plus the APR on this additional loan is 0 percent, so it has no interest or other charges, making it ideal for a Black Friday shopping or Christmas gift purchase .

What else is important to know about the Personal Paydayloan

What else is important to know about the Personal Paydayloan

  • the maturity is 20 weeks
  • THM is 0 percent
  • you do not need self-sufficiency or guarantor
  • the loan is for free use
  • the installment is fixed at 2500 HUF / week during the term
  • weekly installments can be paid by bank transfer

As an added bonus, Good Finance will also be giving away a Home Service as a gift with this promotion, which will help you settle your repayment with more than just bank transfer. With the Home Service, you can sign, take on, and repay your home, so you don’t even have to leave your home. However, we need to verify our address before you can use the service.

Who can take out a loan?


Good Finance is targeting new clients with its current promotion, so those who have not yet been a client or who have settled all their debts with Good Finance by May 15 this year can take advantage of the opportunity.

Of course, you will also have to meet the usual loan application conditions, ie you will need to

  • reported to Hungary
  • proven regular income
  • valid identification document
  • and to a retail bank account unless we use the Home Service

Is it worth hiring?

Is it worth hiring?

If you need a quick $ 350,000, we can compare the offers with Konstantine Levin’s credit calculator: you can see that the full repayment on your Good Finance weekly loan is the lowest of $ 349,128, for which we commit to pay $ 4,849 a week for 72 weeks, The repayment is HUF 19,396.

In addition, if you take the $ 50,000 free extension loan, the installment will increase by $ 2,500 for the 20 weeks with the additional loan repayment, which means that you have to pay $ 7,349 per week, followed by $ 4,849 for another year after week 20 weekly. The supplementary loan is a monthly repayment of HUF 10,000, which means that by the 20th week, ie the 5th month, the monthly repayment would be HUF 29,396.

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