City of Brownsville Commission Online Racing Forum Continues

Brownsville voters took another look at some of the candidates in hopes of representing them on the city commission on Tuesday night.

Frontera Progressives hosted its second Candidate Forum with candidates and incumbent for the At-Large B position and District 3 races in Brownsville.

The forum focused on questions similar to the first, as candidates were asked what the city should do to help migrants.

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Outgoing At-Large Commissioner Dr Rose Gowen said federal and state governments are limiting how they can help.

“What we can do and what we do very proactive and very productive working hand in hand with many NGOs, ”said Dr Gowen.

His challenger Erasmo Castro said the city’s lack of preparation for migrants reflects the attitude during the winter frost.

“One of the excuses that were given was, ‘No one could have prepared for it,'” Castro said. “My response to that was, ‘We had to be prepared for something. “”

In District 3, the two candidates Jessica Puente Bradshaw and Roy De Los Santos offer very different perspectives than their potential colleagues.

“We should focus on the community as we have it now – the established community – and what can we do to help them achieve that status,” Bradshaw said.

“I cannot name a single citizen who will tell you, ‘Every one of my needs is met by the city of Brownsville,’ De Los Santos said. “And until this day, we shouldn’t start watching programs where we’re going to donate this money.”

On economic development during the pandemic, Dr Gowen touted the city’s work with grants to help downtown businesses.

“We worked with our own health department and our planning department to find innovative ways to open, like the parklet you see in front of Terras,” said Dr Gowen.

Castro says it’s the businesses residents who need help can’t afford to visit that always get help from the city.

“Small, very specialized restaurants in the downtown area that are able to provide that money to these people,” Castro said. “If we go back and look at the list, it’s always the same people who benefit from the different committees. “

On SpaceX, more common common ground was observed between District 3 candidates Bradshaw and De Los Santos. Bradshaw said the commission needs to be tough on holding the county and state to hold the company accountable.

“The leadership within Brownsville seems to bend to the whims of this individual,” Bradshaw said. “They praise him. ‘He’s just excellent’ and now he’s going to give that money downtown, ‘which a lot of people don’t even agree with.”

De Los Santos has said he will push for the responsibility and more.

“If he’s going to close Boca Chica much more often than expected-hWe can afford it, ”De Los Santos said. “He should build a whole new road that goes around SpaceX so that it is never closed. “

Early voting in Texas begins Monday.

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