Cloud management platform Seaplane IO returns home with $15M Series A funding

(Photo: Seaplane IO)

The comprehensive application development platform Seaplane IO announced Tuesday, April 26, the launch of its beta period for select users, providing application developers with a suite of enhanced cloud-based management tools to structure their platform. -shape as needed. Its $15 million acquisition in a Series A led by Sequoia Capital, in addition to Atlantic Bridge and 8VC.

As the name suggests, Seaplane IO features a sophisticated yet still simple control plane to empower developers with various tools to build and manage applications on a global scale. The company says its platform has an auto-scaling and globally optimized system to bring updates and full apps when and where they are needed. Application design teams can structure multi-cloud, multi-region applications through Seaplane on its streamlined comprehensive platform.

Seaplane co-founder and CEO Niall Dalton explains how the platform works specifically through its low-code user interface: “Seaplane is for manufacturers around the world, whether you’re using a simple website or an app. requiring 10 petaflops of compute and 10 petabytes of data in 10 milliseconds from every end user on the planet.”

As Dalton himself says, the Seaplane platform is designed for all kinds of varied users, from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to large enterprises. The platform uses deployable containerized workloads, which essentially gives developers a ton of extra free time, as Seaplane itself will see and use the best possible public cloud, and cutting-edge resources within specific budget constraints. of the company, follow the correct regulatory guidelines, and follow all necessary performance and traffic requirements.

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Seaplane is also working to improve its product line with more services, such as improved coordination and improved databases. Its full suite of Managed Global Compute settings won’t be available to all customers until Q2 2022, but right now the company is hosting an invite-only beta to test and track its overall potential.

“We currently support standard containerized applications. Customers upload their containers to our registry and deploy them globally through a simple CLI or API,” Dalton told VentureBeat. “Seaplane manages deployments from there, based on each customer’s configuration preferences, budget and business requirements.”

The platform itself then evolves based on business needs, “based on traffic patterns and end-user performance.” Seaplane does all the heavy lifting for application management, including “routing and load balancing, horizontal and vertical scaling, automatic workload location adjustment, and ‘allocation of resources”.

It also has a built-in metadata key-value service that is global, allowing Seaplane to disperse and coordinate application containers more efficiently across various workloads. Seaplane works with data and compute services, such as PubSub messaging, SQL, and more, to streamline the entire engineering and development cycle.

Investors like its streamlined approach to app development and management, best expressed by Sequoia Capital’s Bill Coughran, who clarifies that developers would rather spend their time shipping the app than continually building out its internal infrastructure.

He says, “Rather than struggling with complex and fragmented public cloud platform building blocks, developers can leverage Seaplane APIs to run their containerized application stacks anywhere, from edge to cloud. “

Although its invite-only beta is already long lost to those interested, the company has a message board for those potentially interested in its platform. Those looking to improve their app, create a whole new one, or expand into new territory might just find Seaplane to be the perfect candidate in the field.

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