County seeks residents to serve on community boards and commissions

Earlier this week, Ulster County announced it was looking for community-minded residents to serve on various boards and commissions. Service opportunities range from the Office of the Advisory Council on Aging to the Charter Reform Commission. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until all positions are filled, and County Manager Ryan will appoint volunteers to fill vacancies.

“Our community relies on the wonderful work of our volunteers from all walks of life,” said Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan. “Volunteering can also help inform your government about important issues and bring about positive change. That’s why we’re looking for civic-minded people to fill a number of critical positions we have on our boards and commissions.

There are currently vacancies on the following boards and commissions:

  • Community Services Commission (Subcommittee on Substance Abuse/Subcommittee on Persons with Developmental Disabilities)

The Community Services Board (CSB) is made up of licensed professionals and general members of the community who have a demonstrated interest in behavioral health services. The CSB advises the County Executive, the County Commissioner of Mental Health, and the County Legislature on matters relating to the Department of Mental Health.

The Youth Council proposes policies, programs and recommendations to the Director of the Youth Bureau, the County Executive and the Legislature regarding the most appropriate measures to complement, assist and coordinate the work and activities of all public and private bodies, including religious and social institutions. , seeking to prevent delinquency and juvenile delinquency, to advance the moral, physical, mental and social well-being of the young people of this county, and to encourage local county governments to take an interest in the welfare of young people.

The Board of Health advises the Commissioner of Health or Director of Public Health, the County Executive and the Legislature on matters relating to the Department of Health. Members of the Board of Health further have the authority to inspect and examine all facilities and programs of the Department of Health and may report and make recommendations to the County Executive, Legislature of county and the health commissioner or director of public health.

  • Office of the Advisory Council on Aging

Board members advise the agency on all matters relating to the development of the area plan administered by the Office for the Aging, the administration of the plan, and the operations carried out under the plan.

  • Fish and Wildlife Management Board

This cooperative program is authorized for the purpose of obtaining on private or leased lands and waters of the State fish and wildlife management practices that will preserve and enhance the State’s fish and wildlife resources and will improve recreational access for people in the state.

The mission of the Human Rights Commission is to promote respect for the rights of all and to explore opportunities for improving relations between all the people of Ulster County. Many activities include monitoring human rights abuses in Ulster County, raising public awareness of human rights, keeping abreast of national and international human rights issues, l organizing public events and forums on human rights topics, public outreach to agencies, and lobbying state and local legislative bodies as appropriate.

  • Charter Review Commission

Members of the Commission review and make recommendations to the County Executive and Legislature on amendments, additions or revisions to the Ulster County Charter.

To submit an application for a board member position for any of these positions, complete the online form at Applications are due in 30 days.