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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Digizen Taiwan has cooperated with the Institute for Information Industry (III), National Yang Ming Chiao Tung National University (NYCU) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to organize an online forum titled “Taiwan’s Golden Decade” in August.

The forum invited 100 guests from industries considered “role models” or “potential candidates” and provided proof of concept for ideas related to an area of ​​their choice. The proofs of concept were then reviewed by the NYCU research team and 150 top startups, with the aim of assessing and seizing Taiwan’s economic opportunities and future.

Shinfox Energy CEO Wilson Hu talks about energy transition. (Youtube, screenshot by Digizen Taiwan)

According to the press release from Digizen Taiwan, notable guests in attendance are YouTube co-founder Steve Chen (陳士駿), Catcher Technology chairman Hong Shui-shu (洪水 樹), Microsoft Taiwan general manager Ken Sun (孫 基康), Chairman of Acorn Campus Taiwan Chen Wu. -fu (陳五福), Chairman of Acer Cyber ​​Security Inc. (ACSI) Maverick Shih (施宣輝), Chairman of Foxconn MIH Consortium (MIH) Jack Cheng (鄭顯聰) and General Manager of Shinfox Energy Wilson Hu (胡惠森).

The forum covered topics such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G technology, green energy, telemedicine and automated driving. It took place on August 28.

At the forum, Shinfox’s Hu said that in order for Taiwan to keep up with international trends in industrial transitions, the country’s energy industry must adapt quickly and develop green and clean energy. Considering Taiwan’s powerful information network, Taiwan’s renewable energy can be upgraded to international service by building a blockchain green energy platform.

Digizen Taiwan Hosts Online Forum to Welcome

MIH CEO Jack Cheng said electric vehicles will become a secondary living space in the future. (Youtube, screenshot by Digizen Taiwan)

Cheng of MIH said electric vehicles (EVs) will not only become a mode of transportation over the next 10 years, but a secondary living space that is self-driving, with reduced carbon dioxide emissions. He added that Taiwan needs to master key chip-making technologies and work with domestic and international electric vehicle circles to carve out a niche in the global electric vehicle industry.

As cybersecurity will become a daily problem over the next decade, ACSI’s Maverick Shih said Taiwan must seize the opportunity offered by operational technology, which involves “integrated on-chip information security capabilities, services inspection and monitoring of IOT devices and information security information platforms. “Taiwan needs to move beyond the idea of ​​a ‘national team’ and aim for the international level to build a ‘world team’ by attracting elites from all over the world, according to Shih.

Digizen Taiwan Hosts Online Forum to Welcome

ACSI President Maverick Shih urges Taiwan to broaden its horizons to include the world. (Youtube, screenshot by Digizen Taiwan)

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