DogeBonk Announces New MemeCoins Listing Platform, Supporting DYOR

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London, UK – (Newsfile Corp. – February 8, 2022) – MemeTools, developed by DogeBonk, is a crypto data aggregator allowing investors to view the price and market capitalization of meme coins as well as other, similar metrics to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. The team has just released an update enabling a large number of DYOR research tools for potential investors looking for the new meme coins. The platform was developed by Dogebonk, a popular Binance Smart Chain memecoin.

Content of the article

On February 4, 2022, released MemeTools v2, an enhanced version of, to allow potential investors to use built-in mat/scam checks for all tokens listed on the MemeTools meme coin list. Potential investors will be able to see a full breakdown of a meme coin’s tokenomics, such as whether the token is a honeypot (i.e. not being able to sell the token after purchase), whether liquidity is locked or unlocked, the amount of tokens held by the top 5 wallets as well as charting features, allowing technical analysis on the smallest of memecoins.

To access Rug Check, users must hold 1 billion $DOBO tokens in their MetaMask wallet, the token of DogeBonk, the “first Memecoin in space”.

While many developers wait for their token to be listed on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko, MemeTools takes a different approach, automatically listing tokens that pay 100 BUSD through their crypto payment processor. This makes it possible to accommodate the countless projects formed by communities around the world on several blockchains.

In 1 month, about 170 tokens were listed, which allowed MemeTools to generate an income of almost 17,000 BUSD available for budget or burns for the DogeBonk community.

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