EDITORIAL: Taming “Woke” School Boards

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A Toronto-area high school has gone viral due to a truly bizarre story. Students at Oakville Trafalgar High School recently posted photos and a video of a teacher in class who wore giant breast forms. The story quickly went around the world.

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It was later revealed, thanks to reports from the Sunthat the teacher started identifying as female last year and that the outfit was part of that gender expression.

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The Halton District School Board also said it supports the teacher and will create a safety plan for his staff members. Although they didn’t specify what the plan would entail.

Last weekend, people expressed their disbelief at the situation and their outrage that the school board is allowing the situation to continue. A number of people have observed that the problem is not that a teacher is transgender, but that the person is wearing extremely large boobs which, well, are not normal and not appropriate for a teaching environment. .

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There really is no other way to say it. It’s just not appropriate. The teacher should not be allowed to dress like this in the classroom.

It is up to the school and the board to manage the conduct of their staff to serve the best interests of the students and the community and they failed to do so in this instance.

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This is of course a case of “woke” attitudes gone mad.

While this Oakville story is unique, the sense that public schooling in Canada is slipping too far down the “awake” path is not.

School curricula are increasingly littered with political ideology. Rather than telling the facts, teachers are allowed and sometimes encouraged to instill an activist orientation in their classroom.

We know that many – most? – teachers do not really agree with this approach. We respect their dedication to their students. But it’s still a problem.

Parents and community leaders need to speak out more to master the “woke” aspects of public education.