“Election Night Live” provides a live online forum on political issues

As Election Day approaches, Illinois State University is taking the lead in educating students and viewers about the crucial role of politics in our lives through Election Night Live. The hosts are the Extending Empathy Project at Illinois State University and the American Democracy Project (ADP) with the School of Communication.

Moderated by Dr. Steve Hunt, Director of the School of Communication, Election Night Live: An Extended Empathy Project Event will give people the opportunity to come together and openly discuss election night and the events surrounding it. Guest speakers and people from the Empathy project will be present.

Dr. Steve Hunt, Director of the School of Communication

The event will take place on November 8 from 7-10 p.m. at the School of Communication’s Social Media Analytics Command Center (SMACC lab), and the event will be streamed through the School of Communication. Youtube.

During Election Night Live, viewers will be able to stream the event and comment and ask questions that Hunt and others will answer. “It’s important for people to tune in to these important conversations about the issues that affect us,” Hunt said.

This event will be the first time the school has co-hosted a live session on an election. It is, however, similar to other projects the school has hosted with the Empathy Extension Project.

“Like the Extending Empathy project, Election Night Live is a way for the University to focus on important issues in society and create the question of what we can do as communicators to bring these important issues into our democracy,” Hunt said.

Create Election Night Live is a great way to not only discuss important topics with staff and students, but now there’s an option for viewers to give their own input. Participants in this event will discuss election results, key themes and issues, and implications for our democracy going forward. In addition, entrants will incorporate data collected from the Illinois State SMACC Laboratory.

The purpose of the Extending Empathy initiative is to provide a series of interdisciplinary educational symposiums for faculty across the country who wish to learn the science and practice of extending empathy in order to encourage others to do the same, in all disciplines, in the classroom and in daily life in general. Ultimately, this initiative will expand to classrooms across the country, preparing students to become truly engaged citizens of democracy.

It is important that students remain involved in politics. “Political engagement is key because everything you do as a professional is going to impact the future of our country. Communication plays a huge role in this democracy,” Hunt said.

For more information on this event, please contact the persons mentioned above. For more information about the Illinois State American Democracy Project, please contact Dr. Katy Strzepek: [email protected], or visit the State of Illinois Center for Civic Engagement website. Illinois at CivicEngagement.IllinoisState.edu.