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As I get older, I realize that monetary compensation is not the only thing that matters, and that my bosses, team culture, development and work environment also play an important role in the appreciation of my work.

During my recent job search, I came across a platform that, in addition to listing jobs, also has a section where people leave anonymous reviews at their workplace.

Some complaints seemed to be quite valid. They ranged from career advancement to companies dropping people after projects were completed to pay cuts.

It seems that people channel their voices elsewhere when they are feeling miserable in their workplace.

Employees should perhaps keep the following points in mind before they feel the need to complain publicly:

  • A better method might be to talk to HR or your bosses after you’ve worked in the company for a while.
    Employees are primarily paid to perform their duties, but when they are proven successful, they should provide feedback and also get their employer’s opinion on them.
  • Never disparage a colleague by name on a platform open to the public.
  • Don’t get your idea of ​​a business based just on the reviews you read online.
  • Employees can still apply to other companies if they are unhappy with their current employer.
  • Maintain a positive attitude towards work and maintain a fulfilling life outside of work.
  • Celebrate milestones, birthdays and anniversaries at work.
  • See your current role as a stepping stone to a better place. You can’t always change an organization, but you can change yourself.

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