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Given what is happening in the field of public education, your votes for school board members on June 14 are very important.

Not only can this have a dramatic impact on your tax bill, as schools take the lion’s share of our property taxes; but above all, we must restore common sense to school governance. Unfortunately, there are school board members, administrators, and teachers who think they know better than parents.

This awakened agenda is seeping into our schools. From critical race theory to gender confusion, it’s time to take back our schools. Take the time to make sure you know the candidates and what they stand for, and arm yourself with information before you vote.

Since I’m a resident of Fargo, I’ll explain who will get my votes: one incumbent and four challengers for the five open positions. And it’s time to restart. Most Fargo school board members and administrators have spent the COVID-19 era ignoring parents and yelling at them. Arrogance knew no bounds. And a handful of their media cheerleaders claimed the parents were wrong and defended their heinous actions. It is up to us to vote accordingly.

The candidates who have best demonstrated their leadership ability by listening to parents are “A” for Allie Ollenburger, “A” for Alexis Scott, “D” for Deven Styczynski, “D” for incumbent David Paulson, and “S” for Kristin Charbono. AADDS is my voter guide.

Ollenburger graduated in 2003 from Fargo Public Schools.

“When I started this, it was me standing up for people who couldn’t necessarily stand up for themselves,” she said of Fargo public school teachers, many of whom feel that ‘they are not entitled to stand up. on the current issues they are facing with public schools in Fargo. “I was a strong voice who was able to defend them.”

Scott moved to Fargo in 2017 and has four sons ages 3 to 12 in the Fargo Public School District. She is focusing her campaign on three areas: amplifying family and staff voices, closing achievement gaps among multicultural students, and engaging parents and families to be active partners in their students’ learning journeys.

Styczynski’s main goals are reform and transparency of the district curriculum, implementation of UNHCR 3049 (a resolution recognizing parents as the primary actors in the future and education of their children), and the removal of the council’s allocation for alternative purposes.

Paulson, a tenured, has been a teacher for 35 years. He was first elected to the Fargo School Board in 2014. His vision includes finding teachers in the school district. The former West Fargo Schools educator said prioritizing teachers’ salaries, mental health and stability at Fargo schools would help create a “gold star district” on which to d Others across the state and country would like to be inspired, Paulson told WDAY Radio.

Sharbono’s platform is to re-emphasize learning, curriculum review and transparency, increased parent involvement, and community and extracurricular activities. She has three children who attend public schools in Fargo.

It is our Republic. Keeping it requires an informed vote. Given our hefty property taxes, the disconnect between school board members and the parents who pay them, and the infiltration of a growing awakened agenda, these races deserve more attention than ever. This is a vote to wake up the education establishment.

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