Interswitch Unveils Developer API Platform and Introduces Referral Incentive –

Interswitch, the African leader in integrated payments and digital commerce, has unveiled its easy-to-integrate application programmable interface (API) platform for developers building digital products and solutions for Africans.

The unveiling event took place on Thursday, August 11, 2022 at Zone Tech Park, Gbagada, Lagos, where developers were briefed on the benefits of integrating Interswitch APIs on their products.

The Interswitch API platform includes internal APIs, partner APIs, and infrastructure APIs; designed to strengthen Africa’s digital ecosystem. It also serves as a one-stop-shop for innovators in the tech ecosystem looking to create viable, market-ready products that meet local needs.

Over time, Interswitch has continued to champion the development of the continent’s technology ecosystem through strategic partnerships and the democratization of development and business integration tools that help tech creators and small business owners produce market-ready products in a short period of time.

The company also announced that it has introduced a referral system to reward developers who recommend merchants to use its APIs. Sunday Olaniyan, Business Development Manager for Merchant Acquisition at Interswitch, said, “Developers will earn 5% of every transaction fee Interswitch charges their referred merchants for 5 years.” This is one of many planned incentives aimed at fostering innovation and supporting the creative economy.

Speaking at the event, Muyiwa Asagba, Managing Director of Paymate, Interswitch Group, said the tech giant remains focused on providing digital empowerment products to developers and business owners building solutions for the everyday African.

Asagba said, “For two decades, Interswitch has consolidated its efforts in supporting the growth of the African technology ecosystem by providing developers with valuable resources that allow them to easily create commercially viable products.

“Beyond that, we also take seriously the need to innovate in order to stay ahead of the pack, which is at the heart of who we are as an evolving technology brand.”

Also speaking at the unveiling event, Abdul-Hafiz Ibrahim, Group Head, Engineering, Paymate, Interswitch said, “The launch of our API platform was driven by the need to make integration Transparent API for developers without the bureaucratic hurdles that have characterized the API-integration system over the past few years.

“Not only are we accelerating product and solution development, but we’re also creating an interface where developers can communicate, share ideas, and deliver solutions at an accelerated pace.”

To expand its goal of creating a sustainable African tech hub, Interswitch remains a strong supporter of initiatives that stimulate conversations around the evolving Nigerian and, in general, African tech ecosystem. This was expressed in its recent support for the Nigerian Fintech Forum, where seasoned experts from various sectors including Fintechs, telecom operators and banks were present.