Kore.ai opens its Enterprise XO platform to SMEs

Hyderabad– Kore.ai announced plans to expand the availability of its XO Platform solution to businesses of all sizes. The goal of the expansion is to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), startups, entrepreneurs and the wider developer community by offering the platform’s DIY features to drive adoption of the AI.

As global enterprises continue their journey of digital transformation, enriching the experience of customers, employees and agents has become essential. Thanks to this initiative, developers and businesses around the world can now access Kore.ai’s enterprise platform and self-service options without a large upfront investment to build next-generation, cloud-powered solutions. ‘AI for perpetual use (with a predefined number of bot sessions). As the sessions increase quantitatively, the program is progressively priced. This will benefit millions of citizen developers and bot enthusiasts who can now set up virtual assistants, process assistants, and conversational digital and voice assistants on the platform without coding.

“Kore.ai’s world-class platform technology, which is typically used by our large enterprise customers, is now available to anyone who wants to explore the power of conversational AI. We drive innovation by empowering entrepreneurs who have brilliant ideas and want to test their proof of concepts,” said Raj Koneru, CEO and Founder of Kore.ai. “As we seek to democratize access to Kore.ai’s sophisticated conversational AI solutions, it will enable even more companies to innovate and scale at their own pace.”

Kore.ai’s secure and scalable no-code platform, known as the Kore.ai Experience Optimization (XO) platform, enables enterprises to design, build, test and deploy virtual assistants sophisticated conversational and processing applications with minimal technical know-how or support. This innovative approach reduces an organization’s dependence on skilled technical experts, speeds implementation and improves efficiency.

“I’m always eager to keep up with new technological innovations and learn about new technologies. I found the Kore.ai XO platform easy to follow and create smart solutions quickly,” said the B2B tech influencer, Evan Kirstel “The platform offers sophisticated AI capabilities such as NLP, diagram management, and sentiment management. I liked their focus on conversation design tools and the ability to automatic dialog generation, as it is useful for both professional and non-technical users to create intelligent chatbots and easily maintain them I see great potential with the XO platform to automate a wide range of CX use cases and EX. ”

With built-in cutting-edge features, explainable AI, and a developer forum, the platform promotes developer evangelism and democratizes CAI technology by delivering the same enterprise-grade features enjoyed by Fortune 2000 customers, to every individual or company in a payment system. – model to take away. Kore.ai has also formalized the learning process by offering certification through Kore.ai Academy and a rich template library allowing new developers to learn faster and accelerate their IVA development journey.

“Given the rate at which virtual assistants and voice robots are being rolled out, most applications used by a consumer or employee will become conversational very soon,” Koneru added. “We want to accelerate the adoption of conversational AI as the foundation for experience delivery at all levels across all applications, even more so in the age of the metaverse and the omniverse where the physical and virtual worlds will converge. “

Globally, more than 200 Fortune 2000 companies currently leverage the XO platform to deliver optimized experiences to more than 100 million consumers and corporate employees. Recently, Kore.ai was named a category leader in the first-ever Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms (CAIP), and is looking to solidify its market penetration by recruiting more channel partners in North America, EMEA region, Latin America and Asia. Peaceful.

“We are seeing strong demand for conversational AI across all industries,” said Prasanna Kumar Arikala, CTO at Kore.ai. “Skills that involve artificial intelligence technologies combined with the ability to solve real-world problems using automatic code/low-code generation frameworks will be highly valued in the coming days. Individuals looking to ride this wave of innovation and advance their career prospects should consider the Kore.ai XO platform for training, certifications, and building innovative solutions.