New social media platform ‘Keyboor’ launched in India, by startup T-Hub

a new social media platform that caters to the business needs of Young India was launched today in the presence of Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, ITE&C, Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Telangana and MSR, CEO of T- Hub, a facilitating innovation ecosystem.

The platform is developed to engage young people located in urban and remote areas, and it provides tools to build skills through online training, raise awareness of market trends, create jobs, self-employment and opportunities of entrepreneurship.

Keyboor is a startup incubated by T-Hub founded by three entrepreneurs namely Johnson Muppasani, founder and CEO of Keyboor who comes with 20 years of experience in information technology, Anand Boompog, co-founder and CIO, with 22 years of experience in information technology and Moses Paul Muppasani, co-founder and chief operating officer, with 20 years of experience in information technology.

The platform engages with the student community, young professionals, job seekers, employers and businesses. The platform was developed with the collaboration of Zentech Solutions Inc, USA and Keyboor Information Technology Pvt. Ltd, India. The platform saw good traction during its pre-launch in a remote district of Andhra Pradesh with 12,000 registrations in two weeks from students, job seekers, business entities, universities and hospitals that have created a local market within the community.

Moses Paul Muppasani, Co-Founder and COO of Keyboor, said, “Our goal is to support business entities, colleges, hospitals and local organizations by creating a local marketplace in urban and suburban cities that will help accelerate economic and social growth.

According to estimates from the India Skills Report 2019, the student and working-age population in India is expected to exceed 600 million in the next two years. However, globally, India ranks lower for its poor job skills programs. Keyboor, through its user-friendly platform, aims to fill this gap and mainly seeks to solve the problems faced by young people studying in remote year colleges without proper infrastructure for college placement and career guidance. It will be instrumental in providing them with access to excellent mentorship, career guidance and employment opportunities.

Keyboor and enables professional growth through e-learning, jobs, freelance work, competitions, events, discussion forums, social media tools and strengthens the ecosystem of entrepreneurship. Keyboor offers its services at affordable prices taking into account the demographics of its users.