NFL Draft Update: Players Climbing the Boards for Georgia Football

The University of Georgia rewrote the NFL Draft record books in the 2022 NFL Draft. With 15 total players selected and 5 players drafted in the first round, many wondered what was left in the closet for the Bulldogs entering the 2022 season.

Well, after 10 weeks of the college football season, it seems pretty clear that Georgia is still arguably the most talented team in college football, or at least certainly playing like it right now. The No. 1-ranked Bulldogs are the favorites to win the national championship and have plenty of NFL hopefuls roaming the football field on Saturday.

In the last NFL Draft Insider edition of ESPN+, there was a kind of dashboard with their NFL Draft coverage. Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, Jordan Reid and Matt Miller have all updated their Top 5 at every position at this point in the season. And it’s littered with bulldogs.

Jalen Carter, No. 2 player overall / No. 1 DT

Carter skipped Bryce Young on many player charts. At the start of the season, most of the big boards started with some player order from Alabama in Bryce Young and Will Anderson despite being injured for much of the season so far. He’s back in the lineup, and he’s back in dominance.

Darnell Washington No. 2 overall TE

Darnell Washington is arguably the player who has improved his draft stock the most this season. The NFL knew he was a major game changer in the run blocking department, and they wanted to know if he could be a big game threat in the passing game. In ten games, his 24 catches yielded 392 yards, averaging 16.3 yards per reception.

Broderick Jones Top-5 OT

There is still some variation in Jones’ ranking in the overall tackle discussion in this draft, with all ESPN Draft pundits placing him either fourth or fifth among tackles. However, once the evaluation process fully begins and teams start watching the tape of what Jones has done this season, he will be throwing tables. Notably for his pass protection ceiling.

Sedrick Van Pran No. 2 at general center

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There’s John Michael Schmitz from Minnesota and then there’s Sedrick Van Pran. That’s how nearly every NFL Draft analyst sees this powerhouse class entering the winter months of the season. Van Pran will have plenty of time to convince NFL decision makers he’s an incredible in-person assessment in the setting of a meeting. The NFL will likely make the same decision Kirby Smart made when he met Van Pran in high school, this is the type of person you want to help lead your organization.

Nolan Smith No. 2 OLB

All of these rankings were released before it was announced that Smith was out for the season with a chest tear, despite ranking himself No. 2 on the big boards at outside linebacker behind only Will. Anderson. in Alabama. Smith’s running game instincts are off the charts, having stacked four years of flawless tape against SEC running games while developing a turn-based passing rush before his injury.

Kelee Ringo Top-5 CB

The jury is still out on Kelee Ringo, but the NFL knows it’s willing to invest both ways. The game has had its ups and downs at times this season, but an NFL scout told Dawgs Daily “I think Kelee (Ringo) will always go high because of testing and measurables.” At this point, Ringo is a top 5 corner, stamped. Based on measurable parameters only. Going forward this season is all about how far can these boards climb with his level of play.

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