North Carolina District 14 Congressional Democratic Candidates Participate in Online Forum

North Carolina District 14 Democratic congressional candidates took part in an online forum on Saturday.

The forum, organized by the North Carolina District 11 Democratic Party, got off to a rough start with multiple technical issues.

Bo Hess, Katie Dean, Eric Gash and Jay Carey were in attendance. Jasmine Beach-Ferrara joined remotely via speakerphone.


During the nearly 2.5-hour live broadcast, contestants discussed topics such as affordable housing, education and environmental issues.

The expansion of Medicaid and issues of health care coverage were among the first topics discussed.

Candidates were asked how they proposed to approach these issues at the federal level. News 13 has included parts of each candidate’s response below.


They are listed in the order in which they spoke:

Bo hessPartial response: “First and foremost, start building the infrastructure for health care, so that when we pass a ‘health for all’ bill, we have the nurses, the doctors, the nurses, the doctors, the nurses, the doctors. doctors, social workers, technicians, radiologists, all the infrastructure we need to provide this health care, ”Hess said.

katie deanPartial Response from: “We could lower the age of Medicare eligibility, narrow the coverage gaps with ACA, and expand Medicaid, it’s the fruit at hand – the bare minimum,” Dean said. “[Also] reduce the costs of pharmaceutical drugs and really respond to the lucrative greed that we have in our healthcare industry. “

Eric gashPartial Response From: “Look at how to get these prescription drugs and the skyrocketing prices, get them under control and allow Medicare to negotiate those prices for our people and cap insulin,” Gash said. “Illness or illness shouldn’t bankrupt a family. “

Jay careyPartial Response from: “I believe in a federally funded public option that will bridge the gap with Medicare for All,” said Carey. “I think this option will cover health, mental health, hearing, sight and drugs. It will be global. This plan, rolled out by region, will allow people to have insurance if you are at or below the poverty line, plus approximately $ 10,000; it doesn’t cost you a dime.

Jasmine Beach-FerraraPartial response from: “The federal government has critical and urgent actions we need to take, and I will fight for them as soon as I get to Washington,” Beach-Ferrara said. “This involves making sure Medicare can negotiate the costs of prescription drugs so families don’t have to make excruciating and impossible decisions about whether to fill prescriptions or buy groceries.” . It means expanding Medicare to include dental, vision and health care, and it means creating a public option and continuing to increase access and build a strong health system so that everyone receives the care they need. needs and the access it needs. “

According to organizers, another forum for Democratic NC 14 congressional candidates is in the works. It will take place in the run-up to the primary elections on May 17.

To view the entire forum, click HERE.