Online forum “Global crisis. We are people. We want to live.” announces a way out of the climate crisis for all


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Refugee crisis exposed

Refugee crisis exposed

Will the planet survive?

Will the planet survive?

The resort is immaculate.  It is designed to be invulnerable to hacking.

The resort is immaculate. It is designed to be invulnerable to hacking.

Detailed information on these and other challenges, as well as solutions, were presented by Creative Society on May 7, 2022, during the online forum.

And for all of us, the inhabitants of planet Earth, it is crucial to hear the truth now, because tomorrow it may be too late!

— Leslie Mangum, Creative Society Participant

NEW YORK, USA, May 19, 2022 / — On May 7, 2022, an unprecedented international online forum “World crisis. We are the people. We want to livetook place. Thanks to volunteers from all over the world, this event was simultaneously interpreted in 100 languages ​​and broadcast live on thousands of channels and media platforms in more than 180 countries.

The forum presents global issues and reliable facts that concern every person and humanity as a whole – brutal crimes against humanity and many sufferings of people in the consumerist format of society:

o climatic disasters in the world
o the real causes of climate change
o refugees
o slavery and violence
o Hunger and water scarcity
o global CO2 scam
o debt slavery
o war in Ukraine
o climate threats capable of destroying life on our planet in the near future

These subjects are united by a common global problem — the current consumerist format of society, in which the main value is money. The consumerist format has made us so insensitive that we have become indifferent to the death and suffering of others.

We can sit and wait for someone to solve these problems, we can rely on international organizations, national governments and the powerful. But when war and famine come to us, no one will care about us. Everyone will only care about their own survival. This is the root of our consumerist format. We are all divided and each man is for himself in this life. And such an attitude towards each other is suicide, the destruction of all civilization.

At the Forum “Global Crisis. We are the people. We want to live,” voiced the real causes of climate, environmental and economic crises, as well as endless wars and pandemics. These are manipulations and reasons to take advantage of us. It is a highly profitable business that yields huge profits to the few, while the remaining 99% quickly fall into the abyss of impoverishment and death. Therefore, it is we, the people, who are truly interested in not only changing, but improving the situation of every inhabitant of the planet. We live in the illusion of security and close our eyes to what is happening far from us.

The events of 2021-2022 presented at the forum showed how dependent we all are on each other. The consequences of problems in one country affect the whole world. As we fight back, impose sanctions and food embargoes, the number of hungry people in the world is growing rapidly and, worst of all, people are dying. And those lives can never be brought back!

But anyone who has been through difficult life situations knows that help and support comes from ordinary people. That together it is possible to solve a seemingly insoluble problem. In such situations, we understand the importance of simple human relationships and each other’s Life.

We are all interconnected and it is impossible to solve global problems alone. But together, united, we can find that one way out for everyone. The solution that will allow us not only to survive in the future, but also to build a different world and a different society. The society where human life is the highest value and where we will no longer allow hunger, poverty or wars – this is the creative society.

And for all of us, the inhabitants of planet Earth, it is crucial to hear the truth now, because tomorrow it may be too late!

Alicia Topper
Creative Society United States
[email protected]
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World crisis. We are the people. We want to live | International Forum online on May 7, 2022 | Creative Society Platform