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Destination medical center

Corp. board members, along with the executive director of Economic Development Agency DMC, will answer questions on Thursday about the first five years and the future of the 20-year initiative.

In the City for Good, a grassroots community organization seeking to address issues related to the city’s growth, is hosting an online chat on Thursday at 6 p.m.

DMC is an economic development initiative that aims to make the Mayo Clinic a global destination for health and wellness. In its first five years, the DMC initiative helped create 7,700 new jobs, with $ 1.1 billion in documented private investment.

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The DMC initiative was born out of a 2013 legislative action that allocated up to $ 585 million in public funds, based on private investments. Up to $ 411 million will come from the state, with the city providing $ 128 million and the County of Olmsted earmarking $ 46 million to help fund transit-related projects.

So far, the city has provided $ 59 million and the county has provided $ 10.5 million. The state has released nearly $ 43.4 million in infrastructure assistance since DMC’s efforts began, with the first payment made in 2017.

On Thursday, Patrick Seeb, the executive director of DMC EDA, will join members of the state council that is overseeing efforts to discuss what has happened and what is expected to happen over the next five years.

Board members will include Rochester Kim Norton, vice chair of the state board of directors; Brooke Carlson, President of Rochester City Council; and Paul Williams, President and CEO of Project for Pride in Living. DMCC board chairman RT Rybak, president and CEO of the Minneapolis Foundation, is also expected to attend.

The forum will be posted on the In the City for Good Facebook page and will be available via a Zoom link:

Potential questions for forum participants can be submitted to [email protected] by noon Wednesday for review.

Thursday’s forum will follow a board meeting that morning, which will look at the DMC audit for 2020, as well as updates on a variety of projects.

The DMCC board meeting begins at 9:30 a.m. Thursday. It will be available online at Meeting audio can also be accessed by calling (888) 788-0099 and entering the meeting ID – 892 6241 4353 – when prompted.