OODA Loop – Promising research and analysis topics and projects emerge from the April 2022 OODA Network Members Meeting

To help members maximize opportunities and reduce risk, OODA hosts a monthly video call to discuss topics of mutual interest to our members. These highly collaborative sessions are always a great way for our members to meet and interact with each other while discussing topics such as global risks, emerging technologies, cybersecurity and current or future events impacting on their organizations. We also use these sessions to better target our research and better understand member needs.

To encourage open discussion, these sessions are conducted under Chatham House rules, where attendees are free to use meeting information but are asked not to directly quote or identify other attendees (we also keep keep confidentiality in mind when preparing summaries of these sessions, such as the one below).

The April call took place on Friday, April 15. This month’s call was marked by a higher than usual number of follow-up engagements on what were clearly promising ideas and projects with great potential for loop research and analysis. OODA (and are also a bit more time sensitive than usual due to the crisis situation in Ukraine).

In a departure from the usual “summary” format of this monthly OODA Network Meeting read, this article will primarily highlight topics and projects with potential for follow-up research. For all of these ideas and follow-up projects, we are looking to move from ideation to a project of researching and analyzing the OODA loop (in the release queue) as soon as possible.

If you are “attached” to any of the ideas (primary source material, initial call idea, etc.) and have any draft materials or actions you have taken since the meeting, please contact the OODA team.

The topics of discussion during the April monthly call were:

  • OODA – Ukrainian Assistance Efforts
  • Social media and war
    • OSINT Social Media Distribution
    • On the ground – physical layer scrambling
    • Visual AI and social networks
    • The (real) parallels between Ukraine and Taiwan
  • The cyber failures of the Ukrainian crisis: post-mortem analysis by OODA Loop
  • The degradation of Russian information and communication technology (ICT) resources and capabilities
  • Why did Russia invade?
  • China
    • Monitoring weak and slow cyberattacks
  • Cybersecurity: Zero Trust for Architecture Design
    • The decline in the effectiveness of cybersecurity products
    • The emergence of quantum computing in China
    • Everyone is going after the data
  • Machine learning and cost/performance innovation
  • Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain
    • The Libertarian Ethics of the Crypto Community Vs Future Government Involvement and Regulation
    • The balance between security, anonymity and accountability
    • Over-regulation?
    • The need for speed
    • The promise of Blockchain technology must be decoupled from cryptocurrency
    • OODA Loop Cryptocurrency Incident Database
    • A Core Issue – Know Your Customer (KYC) on Recipient Wallets
  • Recent Joint DHS/CISA CSAs and Critical Industrial Infrastructure Targeting in the United States
    • Zero-day exploits and vulnerabilities
    • Industroyer2 has been very well awarded by the industry
    • “Cyber ​​had no effect”, “Cyber ​​had a negligible effect”: this is simply not true
    • Defend advanced activities
    • It is not a coincidence
    • The TLP AMBER Leak
    • And after? This isn’t the last set of these tools we’re going to see.
    • Huge amount of free fire activity from a variety of uncontrolled, one-sided private actors

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