Property Tax and Education Topics at District 48 Candidates’ Forum | Politics

The five candidates from Nebraska Legislative District 48 gathered at a forum on Friday to pitch their campaigns and themselves to more than 50 potential voters. Brian Hardin and Jeremiah Teeple of Gering, Talon Cordle and Scott Shaver of Scottsbluff and Don Lease II of Bridgeport answered questions submitted by the public and explained why they thought they would make the best choice for the primary vote next month.

The forum was organized by local chapters of the Nebraska Farm Bureau.

Candidates answered questions in a turn-based style. They were able to make opening and closing remarks and also participated in a brief whirlwind tour where they were asked exactly where they were on certain issues.

Hardin began his remarks by focusing on providing farm jobs and lowering taxes.

“Part of my concern and the reason I decided to run for this seat was to make people bigger and government smaller,” he said.

Cordle, seated next to him, said educational issues such as “hypersexualized” sex education and critical race theory were having a negative impact on students.

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He also backed the EPIC consumption tax plan proposed by Sen. Steve Erdman.

“We must restore constitutionalism and individual freedoms to our state,” he said.

Shaver, a former Scottsbluff councilman, said he would “bring some common sense” to the Legislative Assembly and also supported the EPIC tax plan.

“I feel like we had to fight there (in Lincoln) and anyone who knows me on city council knows I’m not afraid to fight,” he said.

Lease described his breeding background and dedicated his opening speech to discussing the topic of education.

“Our social fabric is built around the public school, whether we like it or not…so we want to do the best and most effective job we can in education,” he said. He said two pressing educational issues are how to use taxes to pay and how to support students who need help.

Teeple described his background as a citizen “trying to do the right thing” and said he wanted to represent the people of the district.

“People on the east side of the state don’t have the same agenda as we on the west side of the state, and we need someone who will advocate for the people of this district at this level of the state” , said Teeple. noted.

John Stinner, the current senator for District 48, was among those present. He is time-limited and ineligible to stand for re-election.

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