Rockwell Automation Hosts Online Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Forum

Emphasizes the critical role of Industry 4.0 in helping industry deliver a range of essential medical and health supplies during the pandemic

In an online forum titled “How Industry 4.0 Can Strengthen India’s Pharmaceutical Sector,” Rockwell Automation business leaders demonstrated, through discussions and virtual factory tours, how manufacturers the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector have been able to cope with the complexity and scale of the supply chain. challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic through dynamic decision-making assisted by Industry 4.0 technologies.

Organized to provide a public platform to demystify the critical role of Industry 4.0 in helping industry deliver a range of essential medical and health supplies during the pandemic, the session illustrated how manufacturers were able to streamline production everything from hygiene products to protective gear to medical equipment and vaccines in the past year. He highlighted how new era digital technologies have played a pivotal role in the discovery, production and distribution of vaccines globally despite unprecedented challenges with demand and supply shocks and regulatory hurdles. at each step.

The session started with a talk on “How Industry 4.0 is Turning India into the World Pharmacy” by Dilip Sawhney, MD, Rockwell Automation India, where he set the tone by explaining how Indian manufacturers Drug and healthcare brands are transforming their businesses to achieve higher productivity amid increasing complexity and compliance requirements. This was further demonstrated by a virtual tour of the Digital Transformation Experience Center (DTEC) to give attendees a glimpse into the future of the industry.

The visit was followed by a comprehensive presentation by Arvind Rao, Global Business Director, Information Software, titled “Digital Transformation in Life Sciences” with case studies from around the world. During his session, Rao walked the audience through the entire digital transformation journey of Industry 4.0, from a “static and manual” state to a “self-organized, dynamic and demand-driven” state. ”Through a range of solutions ranging from operational technology, information technology, data and analytics, process, workforce, automation, to security.

Rao added, “Many life science organizations we work with are looking for the business accelerator that will boost their performance. They think digital transformation might be their answer, but what is more important than the specific technologies you are considering are your goals. The first step in digital transformation is to clarify your business goal.

Concluding the program, Sawhney added, “Over the past four decades, we have built strong relationships in the healthcare, pharmacy and life sciences ecosystem in India with several success stories. As a global leader in industrial automation and digital transformation, we remain committed to helping our partners address these emerging challenges and achieve their business goals.

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