Safety Health Plan: supports the organization by giving local athletes a platform to shine

MARSHFIELD – “We defy expectations every day. We build community, build trust and help athletes reach their full potential,” said Joe Seubert, director of development for Special Olympics Wisconsin.

Security Health Plan and Marshfield Clinic Health System are proud to support Special Olympics Wisconsin, an organization that provides Wisconsin athletes with the opportunity to demonstrate their physical ability, courage, and skill through sport and competition.

More than 50 years ago, Special Olympics started a global movement to end discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities. Their work remains focused on inclusion and building a community that recognizes everyone’s unique ability. Through its Healthy Athletes® program, the organization also provides athletes with free screenings and education on basic health care.

“Statistics show that people with intellectual disabilities often don’t get the health care they need,” Seubert said. “Our impact on the health and well-being of our athletes is significant, in some life-saving cases, by uncovering unknown health issues or providing health care that otherwise would not have been available.”

The Healthy Athletes® program provides Special Olympics Wisconsin athletes with free screenings in a fun and welcoming environment that eliminates the anxiety and fear individuals may feel when faced with a visit to the doctor or dentist. They work to improve the health and fitness of every athlete, leading to an enhanced sport experience and improved well-being.

“Since 2001, Special Olympics Wisconsin has performed more than 24,000 health exams across eight health disciplines. Additionally, more than 2,500 students and health care providers have been trained to provide quality and accessible care to their patients with developmental disabilities across the state,” said Melissa Schoenbrodt, Senior Director of Health Programs for Special Olympics Wisconsin. “The recent contribution from the Security Health Plan and the Marshfield Clinic Health System will help us continue our work, giving people with developmental disabilities better access to health services. »

The Healthy Athletes® program not only provides athlete health services and education, but also provides training for healthcare providers on the unique needs of Special Olympics athletes. Health professionals can then resume their practice with increased compassion and understanding for people with developmental disabilities.

“The Marshfield Clinic Health System and Security Health Plan is pleased to support Special Olympics Wisconsin. We both strive to create healthier communities. Our partnership provides local athletes with a forum to showcase their talents and ensures they receive the health care services needed to live long, healthy lives,” said Heather Kurtz, Safety Health Plan Director, Population health.

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