Three local councils will hold meetings on a busy Monday in Woodward. The weekly meeting of Woodward County Commissioners includes a fairly routine agenda. The commissioners meet at 10 a.m. at the courthouse. Newly elected District 3 Commissioner Donny Thorn, who served in an interim position, will take the oathRead More →

register here for The 74’s daily newsletter. Donate here to support The 74’s independent journalism. Public school governance in many communities is on the verge of total collapse. From coast to coast, border to border, local school boards are fighting over issues ranging from painting on Works Progress Administration muralsRead More →

Doctors urge patience as pressure on school boards mounts. CHARLOTTE, NC — Masks were once again the subject of discussion in several Charlotte-area school districts Tuesday night. Classroom face coverings have become controversial. Doctors urge patience as pressure on school boards mounts. “My suggestion is that schools should continue toRead More →

The Noble Moral Crusaders of Tennessee’s McMinn County School Board voted unanimously to remove Pulitzer Prize-winning Art Spiegelman’s graphic novel “Maus” from its English curriculum, allegedly over fears that the portrayal serious and agonizing Polish Jews (cartoon mice) surviving the Nazis (cartoon cats) contains profanity and brief nudity. Cartoon animals.Read More →