Tax cuts and vouchers will be hot topics as lawmakers head into session | Local News

McCall said his caucus wants to preserve the powers of the state under the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and push back against the excesses of the federal government.

“Members are focused on protecting individual liberties and freedoms,” McCall said. “The people in the state tell them they’re concerned about these things.”

Lawmakers have tabled a number of measures regarding vaccines and mandates.

McCall said the number of bills introduced on the issue indicates that citizens want to have this discussion and that the concerns are not isolated incidents.

The state is expected to have a lot more to spend this session.

After several years of economic downturn, leaders said it was important to preserve and grow state savings accounts.

McCall said it was important for the state’s long-term stability.

Stitt said he would seek increases to his “closing fund,” which is used to attract businesses to the state.

McCall said there is interest in targeted pay increases for members of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and other areas of law enforcement.

“The Legislature is very aware that the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, in particular, is struggling with the number of troops it has,” McCall said.