The Daily Herald’s editors offer brief thoughts on suburban topics in the news.

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Clippable quote of this week

“Spring is God’s way of saying, ‘Again.'” — Comic writer Robert Orben

The gift of life

After more than a year of research, Bonnie Thomson Carter, longtime Lake County leader and public servant, received a new kidney from a stranger. Rob Kesler donated a kidney after seeing a sign on his plight. His generosity and courage are inspiring. We wish them both the best in their recovery.

Stay safe, friends

We well remember sitting with Zoya Krasovska and a diverse group of Ukrainian journalists in our Arlington Heights office in 2019. Their candid candor on government issues in their home country was remarkable and reassuring. After our Wednesday story about them, it’s painfully strange to hear of the sacrifices they endure and the dangers they face.

Help Ukrainians

If you want to support Ukrainians, there are ways to help. They include donations to organizations such as Lviv Media Forumthat helps journalists survive and do their job, UNICEF Ukraine, which supports approximately 1.5 million displaced children, or Grant Township, who is collecting medical supplies from noon to 3pm today at 26725 W. Molidor Road, Ingleside.

Other means of transportation

We see alternative transportation options in the works through the suburbs, such as a trail on Butterfield Road in Vernon Hills to connect to a Libertyville Township system – which all connects to the Millennium Trail – and a trail on Kautz Road in Geneva . They’re not huge trails, but they just do a little more to help people get around without a car.


The paths are not cheap

There are plenty of community roads through the suburbs, but a lot more are needed to get people around by bike or otherwise, especially from suburb to suburb. One of the reasons progress is slow is that the paths aren’t cheap. This 0.7 mile path in Geneva only comes after a $780,000 grant. This 1.1 mile link in Lake County will cost approximately $643,000.

Watch out for more people

Thank goodness there is more grant money to create paths. As it gets warmer you may see more people walking, biking, skating, scootering or otherwise moving around. Drivers need to be careful around them, and they need to be careful around drivers. This includes staying on trails or sidewalks and quieter streets with bike lanes or shoulders.

Summer time forever?

The US Senate unanimously passed legislation to make daylight saving time permanent. Sounds good as we are now enjoying the sunset around 7pm. But many say it should be the standard time that is permanent, because it’s more natural, and think of winter mornings. What time would you like to wait for the sun to come up to go to work or school?

Teen models

Congratulations to Zaniya Wright, Abigail Dunn and Michelle Olsen. Last week they were named the winners of the Boys and Girls Club of Elgin’s Youth of the Year program. It’s inspiring to hear about young people like these three students.

It’s time

It was good to hear the leather snap and the bat crunch in Arizona and Florida this week as Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association found common ground. Opening day will only be delayed by a week for the Cubs and Sox. Looking forward to the games.