The online art platform hosts its first physical exhibition

The collective exhibition organized by Art Grooves will include the works of 20 artists from all over India

The collective exhibition organized by Art Grooves will include the works of 20 artists from all over India

Online art forum Art Grooves is holding its first offline exhibition at the Bombay Art Society in Mumbai. Twenty artists from different parts of the country and abroad will present their works in distinct styles and textures.

Although the works are not linked by a theme, each artist presents works that best portray their own style, says Poornima Dayal, Mumbai-based artist and founder of Art Grooves. Since launching the platform in early 2020 amid the raging pandemic, Art Grooves has reached out to a number of artists in India and abroad through its virtual art exhibitions, competitions, of its artistic encounters and its online art catalogues.

Work of Anjum Shah

Work of Anjum Shah | Photo credit: special arrangement

“Galleries had closed, there were no spaces for emerging artists to show their work. The idea behind Art Grooves was to create a space for artists to showcase their work and engage in meaningful discussions with other artists,” says Poornima.

He held his first online exhibition in February 2021, which featured 22 artists from across India. Later in March, it released an electronic catalog featuring the works of 12 female artists.

“Online art exhibitions have helped many artists navigate these uncertain times. We have had great participation and support from artists. The regular art meetups have helped us start conversations about our own and others’ works. , which motivated us to keep working,” adds Poornima.

“A physical exhibition has always been a dream; it is indeed an experience to see an exhibition in a gallery and soak up the energy of the space,” says Poornima.

Work of Veda Sreeram

Work by Veda Sreeram | Photo credit: special arrangement

The group exhibition would feature artist Suneil Baukhandi’s work on Ajanta and Ellora caves on paper, portraits of Ambika Kapoor Vij, works of Anjum Shah in mixed media and Vedha Sreeram, whose colors mandalas portray his own unique style. A few works of Poornima Dayal’s award-winning cityscape paintings will be exhibited.

Select pieces from the collection of enameller Triveni Mahajan – works of art and enamel-on-metal artifacts will be part of the exhibition, in addition to works by photographers Hasrat Ali and Mallika Gurnani.

Other artists who will exhibit their works are Reena Wal, Payal Sarvaiya, Lushoo Kapoor, Vishwas Pednekar, Shalina Aahva Gupta, Kamini Misra, Devanshi Damani Shah, Dr Roma Madan Soni, Sandhya Jathar, Sapna Anand and Rrtiu Goel.

The show will take place from April 16-23 at the Bombay Art Society in Mumbai.