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HANGZHOU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 18, 2022–

On the occasion of International Museum Day 2022, 4DAGE announced that it has launched virtual tours and exhibitions of 23 museums, including Henan Historical Museum and Zhejiang Provincial Museum in China and Hetjens Museum in Germany, via a mini program on Alipay, the leading open digital platform. The collaboration between 4DAGE and Alipay offers the mobile-savvy Chinese public an opportunity to better engage and learn about the rich history of museums.

A large bronze mask from China’s “Sanxingdui Ruins” featured in the Sichuan Museum’s Bronze Age exhibit; of the virtual tour on the Alipay platform (Photo: Business Wire)

The “Yunshang Mibao” (translated as “cloud treasure hunt”) mini program launched on the Alipay platform offers users an immersive museum visit experience at their fingertips. They can appreciate the beauty of 3D cultural relics and take a comprehensive tour of historical collections with Chinese narration.

These virtual exhibits cover a wide range of topics spanning 8,000 years of history, including Bronze Age civilization in the Yangtze River Valley, dinosaurs from the Mesozoic era, and ceramics from the Rococo period.

“We are excited to collaborate with museums and the Alipay platform to explore innovative ways to communicate the stories and histories of cultural institutions to a wider range of museum and art lovers,” said Shen Ming, Director of 4DAGE’s international cooperation, VR technology. virtual tour provider.

“Alipay is committed to supporting the digital operations of brands and merchants to improve their connection and engagement with consumers in China. Together with our partners, we are exploring digital solutions to meet the changing needs of museums, including leveraging technology to tell their stories to a younger generation and open up new marketing opportunities,” said Xiaoqi Wang, Head of digital operations for the culture and tourism sector at Alipay. .

The partnership between 4DAGE and Alipay reflects Alipay’s continued commitment to helping museums around the world engage and deepen their relationships with China’s growing cultural arts and history community at a time when international travel is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To further celebrate this year’s International Museum Day, 28 Chinese museums are releasing newly launched creative digital collectibles on the Alipay mini program and the Topnod app, an Ant Group platform for collecting, exploring and exploring. sharing digital collectibles.

A UNESCO report released in May 2020 showed that the global museum industry has been severely impacted by COVID-19, with almost 90% of museums around the world closing during the pandemic 1. However, less than 20 % of museum collections were available online, according to a report by the Network of European Museum Organizations in July 2020 2. Faced with the urgent challenges posed by the pandemic, an increasing number of museums are starting to take advantage of digital platforms and solutions, including online exhibits, digital tours, and even live streaming and blockchain technology of digital collectibles, to better engage with museum-goers.

Taking into account today’s announcement and a recent collaboration with nine Italian museums, more than 2,000 museums have landed on the Alipay platform to improve their digital operations and better connect with museum lovers. These museums use at least one of the digital tools and services available on Alipay, such as blockchain-powered mini-programs, lifestyle accounts, and digital collectibles.

Founded in 2014, 4DAGE is dedicated to the study and application of artificial intelligence in the field of three-dimensional digital reconstruction. As one of the earliest 3D digital reconstruction centers in China and one of the pioneering companies in 3D display technologies, 4DAGE provides products and solutions to major museums and exhibitions around the world, including the Museum of Palace, Nanchang Han Haihunhou Dynasty Historical Site Museum and World Expo. 4DAGE also serves industries ranging from industrial intelligence and smart city to real estate and new retail.

In the evolving digital age, Alipay has evolved from a publicly trusted payment tool to an open platform for businesses, institutions, service providers and other partners. Business partners from various industries use Alipay to provide consumers with a safe and convenient payment experience. Through digital mining, business partners can communicate and provide various commercial and daily digital services to their customers through Alipay mini-programs, lifestyle accounts and IoT, and other available tools. Currently, more than 80 million businesses serve more than 1 billion consumers through Alipay’s open platform services.



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